Posted by: chairman_an | October 12, 2010

5 Halloween Costume Options for 2010

For the past few years I’ve been Wes Anderson characters for Halloween (Richie Tenenbaum, Eli Cash, Team Zissou member).  Will that tradition continue?  Only time will tell but here are my top 5 choices for this year.


1. Batman/Adam West
The Adam West Batman from the mid 1960’s television show.  Pow.


2. The Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Fantastic Mr. Fox from Wes Anderson’s first animated film released in 2009 starring George Clooney (voice).


3. Oddjob/Random Task
Oddjob from Gold Finger or Random Task from Austin Powers.  I guess it depends on if I want to throw hats or shoes.  But honestly, who throws a shoe?


4. Dudley Heinsbergen
Dudley from the Royal Tenenbaums who is diagnosed with Heinsbergen Syndrome by Dr. Raleigh St. Clair.


5. Kato/Bruce Lee
Kato (Bruce Lee), the Green Hornet’s side kick from the mid 1960’s television show.

Posted by: chairman_an | October 7, 2010

LCD me ASAP: Home

This closing track on LCD Soundsystem’s reportedly last album “This is Happening” nicely wraps up the album by incorporating listener friendly melodies from the first track “Dance Yrself Clean”.

Pitchfork rating: 9.2

Posted by: chairman_an | June 22, 2010

One of the best performaces of all time?

Good song + great energy + tight set = Great Performance?

The lip singing pop group Milli Vanilli may be long gone but residents of South Minneapolis are being reminded of one of their hit singles this afternoon.  Late last night I came home only to discover that the clean, clear, pristine water that once ran freely through my fossetts had been replaced by yellow tinted water.  After pondering if I’ve been bathing in someone else’s bodily fluids I contacted the Minneapolis Info Line – 311 and explained the situation.  They said this was the result of heavy rain over the past week and that the water was safe to drink but you probably don’t want to wash your whites at this time.  They also said I should have normal tap water in the next 24 hours.  There doesn’t not appear to be any news stories on this issue yet.

Posted by: chairman_an | June 2, 2010

Winter revisited

This month (hopefully it doesn’t take month) I’m going to re-record the Winter EP (Glaciers, INSMW, Winter – see 2.18.2010 entry) in my basement (aka Bryant Park Basement Studios or BPBS for those of you who are in the know).  For one, I think I can do a much better job at recording, layering and adding depth.  And two, its something that I feel I need to do.  Its sort of, but not really, the result of ’30 days of creativity’ introduced by my friend Heather (see link to blog having something to do with red shoes on the right hand side) because I had this in mind prior to the creativity idea.

After the Winter EP is finished I will either start on the unfinished Drift EP or re-record the June/July EP (2005).  Ideally I’d like to do both but as John Lennon said, “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”  So I guess we’ll see what happens.  And if my summer projects turn out to be shit, well then I’m going to retire Mundane Continental… and then start up a new project called Two Headed Boy.  That might happen anyway but who knows.  Cheers my dears and keep on rockin’ in the free world.

Music revisted this week:  Rural Alberta Advantage (Hometowns), the Postal Service (Give Up) and Belle & Sebastian (If You’re Feeling Sinister)

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Smoke Signals

Here’s a song I’ve been working on for the band (carrying the name of “Ole Senator’s Hand Shake” / “Scotland Yard” / TBD).  (guitar, vocals, drums, keys by me).  As you may or may not know this is a three piece band where we rotate instruments.  I’d be on lead guitar (and possibly lead vocals) for this song.

Smoke Signals
You caught me off guard what’s happening what’s new
That’s fine if you’d like I can meet up with you
I can read this map and meet you in a few
I can read your lips but not your signals too

I can meet you at the diner or when you’re listening to the radio
Meet you on an island on the archipeligo
If you name the place I’ll be there with my manners tonight

I just got out of work whats the plan tonight
I can meet with you later if thats what you like
Just give me a sign and I’ll be there with you
Smoke signals will work if a text won’t do

I can meet you at the diner or when you’re listening to the radio
Meet you on an island on the archipeligo
if you name the place I’ll be there with my manners tonight

Natalie will you walk with me under the lights down by the sea
Natalie if you’re leaning my way will you give me a hint or let me go free
Natalie will you walk with me under the lights down by the sea
Natalie if you’re leaning my way will you give me a hint now give me just a little more

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Album of the Week: Owen Pallett – Heartland

No I’m not a radio station but I do have an album of the week.

Owen Pallett – Heartland 
Formally known as Final Fantasy, Owen Pallett parts ways with the moniker and releases his first album under his own name.  This album initially caught my attention when I heard it played on Radio K with its unconventional arrangement (loop petal, violin… and thats pretty much it) catchy rhthym and seemingly heart felt and sincer lyrics.  If you appreciate musically artistic endevors (like Joanna Newsome, Sufjan Stevens, the Books or Scarlett Johannson’s first album “Anywhere I Lay My Head”) then keep an ear out for this album – particularly the songs “Lewis Takes Action” and “Oh Heartland, Up Yours”.  Pitchfork gives this album a rating of 8.6.  Upon my first couple of listens I give this album a B+.

Owen Pallett – Lewis Takes Action

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s and i ego etc

04.27.10  Arriving in San Diego
After a lay over in Denver (quite possibly one of the most boring airports I’ve been in) my brother and I arrived in San Diego and headed over to my cousin’s new (new to him & us) house.  Its a nice Spanish style casa and he’s put a lot of work into it so far.  For dinner my cousin Willy and I went to an upscale restaurant near his place – they had some dinner specials (my brother had dinner with a contractor somewhere else).  Then we hit up the grocery store and got some beer (Karl Strauss – the local brew – its not bad).  Later on or shortly after that we consumed the beverages.

04.28.10  Exploring San Diego
On Wednesday my brother and cousin had to work so I slept in a little then grab some food from Jack in the Box down the street.  I later returned to the house and watched Mystic River on TV while I ate before heading out on an hour and a half bike ride which took me to Balboa Park and back.  Not being used to the weight of the bike (my bike is on the heavier side) I nearly flipped it when I tapped the front brakes when coming to a stop light.  Instead of flipping the bike I side planted it to the left after the back tire came up.  Fun stuff.  Luckily I didn’t get any scraps or bruises.  For dinner my cousin and I headed out to a gourmet pizza place and had a couple of brews.

04.29.10  Up I-5
On Thursday my brother had to setup a store just north of Los Angeles so all three of us took a drive north to the city of angels (or city of angel dust).  The drive was pretty nice until we hit the LA traffic.  If there is one thing I hate the most about LA its the traffic.  It seems like no matter how many lanes they add there is always traffic.

Once we got through the traffic my cousin and I dropped my brother off at the store and we headed to Glendale for lunch with one of Willy’s old high school friends.  After that we went back to pick up my brother but bummed around Costco to kill some time.  I’ve never really been into the whole bulk buying thing but it was kind of interesting seeing the products they carry and the people that go through places like that.  After we finally met up with my brother we headed out to Chino Hills where my aunt and uncle live (an hour east – you would think that you might get out of the urban environment after driving that long but LA goes on forever).  Then we got to see my uncle’s new dog and chowed down on some ribs.  mmmm, mmmm.

04.30.10  The Feast
Friday was all about food.  For lunch we ate  Dim Sum and for dinner we had lobster and chinese.  My aunt and uncle picked up the tab for both meals.  Talk about the host with the most…

05.01.10  The Mountain
My aunt and uncle just bought a place in Idyllwild, a place my aunt once referred to as ‘gay mountain’ (about 90 miles east, southeast of LA), so we headed out there to check it out.  I’ve been to Idyllwild once before and last time I went I got car sick (but not puking sick) from driving up and down the mountain – this place is higher than 6,000 ft above sea level.  So this time we stopped right before we headed up the mountain so we could grab lunch at IHOP.  That makes sense right?  Needless to say I got sick from the drive up the mountian again but luckily it was the same deal as last time, no puking.  The house up there was nice but not a place I could see myself in whether it be for living or vacationing.  We stayed in Idyllwild for a few hours, got some coffee, looked around and then drove back the mountian.  After that drive I can say that I will probably never go back to that place unless they can helicopter me in.  I spent pretty much the rest of the day recovering.

05.02.10  The Return Flight
There’s not a whole lot to say about this day.  Our flight was at 6:30 in the morning so we had to wake up at 4 AM.  That sucked.  Especiallly since we all went to bed at 12:30 AM.  I can’t really sleep on planes but being as tired as I was I had no choice other than to try to get some shut eye.  I was pretty much in and out of it the whole way back.  One thing to note though, on the second leg back I sat near a professional trapeze artist.  How often does that happen?  She was short but looked pretty normal.  After the flight I ate and pretty much slept the rest of the day.

Post 05.02.10  The End 
This wasn’t a very eventful trip but it was nice to get away from work and get out of town to see family again.  But now I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation.  I also need to get reacclimated to normal everyday life again.

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How the heck do you retrieve a broken dipstick?

A few weeks ago Steve & I took a trip to Wisco-disco and before we left I thought it might be a good idea to check the oil however when I pulled out the dipstick all I got was the handle and no dipstick.  So being in sort of a tight spot I added half a quart of oil and hoped for the best.  The good news is that I didn’t run into any engine problems on the trip, the bad news, well, the dipstick is still stuck in the dipstick tube.  Can the internet save me once again?  Signs look good because I found this on someone’s blog…

5 ways to remove a broken dipstick in your Nissan Sentra…
1) The super glue on a chopstick/pencil trick
2) Vacuum and ziploc bag
3) Compressed air in the crankcase breather
4) Pulling the pressed-in dipstick tube and tapping it back in with a hammer (gently)
5) Pulling the oil pan

Thank you random guy for posting this.  I think I’ll try #1 sometime this week.  Cross your fingers everyone.

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Dead Squirels & the Dirty Ground

Appearently by backyard is where animals go to die.  After the snow melted I found and buried two squirels and a bird.  Hopefully thats all otherwise I’ll have a full fledged graveyard in the back corner of the yard.  RIP little buddies.

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